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Main Areas of Neurosurgery PDF Print E-mail

Neurosurgery is an operative field of medicine, dealing with the operable diseases of various parts of the nervous system, including:

  • brain (e.g. brain tumors, hydrocephalus, etc.) see brain surgeries
  • skull around the brain (but not e.g. face, nose, eye, oral cavity, gorge, throat, ears)  (See brain surgeries)
  • spine/disc (e.g. disc herniation or “slipped disc”, spondylolisthesis, vertebra fracture, spinal tumors,  metastatic tumors, (but not e.g. scoliosis) (See spinal surgeries)
  • spinal cord (e.g. tumors) (See spinal surgeries)
  • nerves (trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral nerve compressions e.g. “carpal-tunnel syndrome ”)
  • other rare diseases (e.g. developmental disorders).

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