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1. Personal Consultancy Hours

Dr. Álmos Klekner, consultancy hours:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 4-5 pm. Appointment can be made: 36*20*973*6080

Location:          Neurosurgical Department, Outpatient Clinic

Address:          4032 Debrecen, Móricz. Zs. Krt. 22.. Hungary, Europe




In the private consulting hours neurosurgical opinion is provided, investigations are indicated if necessary and therapeutical advice is evaluated. In case of severe spinal pain-syndromes, urgent medical therapy can be applied; local injection or intravenous drug administration (e.g. infusion) is available.

2.Price List for Neurosurgical Procedures (some examples): 

Every neurosurgical disease mentioned on this webpage can be operated on in our clinic under European-class conditions. Each patient is warmly welcomed to find his/her healing at our University. Costs of therapy are detailed below:

Consultancy: 100 Euro

Urgent medical therapy for pain syndromes (injection, infusion): 100-300 Euro


  • infusions and physical therapy for spinal pain syndromes (5 days): 200-400 Euro
  • disc hernia removal: 1500.- 2500 Euro
  • spinal tumor removal: 2000.- 3000 Euro
  • brain tumor removal: 2800.- 8000 Euro
  • trigeminal ganglia infiltration: 1200.- 1500 Euro
  • peripheral nerve decompression: 600-1200 Euro 
Cost covers pre-operative examinations, the operation itself and the necessary postoperative therapy and host services until the patient can be discharged
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