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The editor and specialist

The editor of this page is Dr. Álmos Klekner, neurosurgeon, assistant professor of the

University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center (MHSC), Department of Neurosurgical Clinical Unit, Debrecen, Hungary. 

Professional Curriculum Vitae:

1994    MSc in Medical Sciences at Medical University of Debrecen
Board Certified Neurosurgeon
Defended PhD dissertation titled "Polyamin Metabolism in Brain Tumors”.
Dr. Álmos Klekner is accredited as a professional lecturer at University
           of Debrecen
Nomination to become assistant professor
Board Certification in Oncology     


University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center (MHSC), Department of Neurosurgery, Hungary

The Department of Neurosurgery is one of the most prestigious centers of up-to-date pediatric  neurosurgery, adult brain tumor surgery and spinal surgery in the Great Forest (Nagyerd?) district of Debrecen (the second largest town in Hungary), equipped according to European standards, and where patients are treated in a sanitary environment.

The Clinical Units of University of Debrecen in the Great Forest.

DEOEC Auguszta
The Augusta-Clinical Unit

Idegsebészeti Klinika
The patient wing of Department of Neurosurgery

idegsebészeti rendelés
Doctor’s office on the Neurosurgery and anteroom

idegsebészeti váróterem
Doctor’s office on the Neurosurgery and anteroom

idegsebészeti m?t?
Neurosurgical operating theatre

idegsebészeti intenzív osztály
Intensive Care Unit

idegsebészeti osztály
Patient’s room

idegsebészeti osztály
Patient’s room

Study Tours Abroad:


University of Cologne, Department of Neurosurgery Clinical Unit, Cologne, Germany
2 weeks 

1998-1999  University of Cologne, Department of Neurosurgery, Clinical Unit,
Neuro-Oncological Laboratory, Cologne, Germany – 1  year DAAD scholarship
2004 Miguel Hernandez University, Institute of Anatomy, Alicante, Spain; - 2 weeks

Successful Research Grants:

1.         OTKA T-020128/1995; participant, 1996-1999, HUF 1,400,000

            Supervisor: Dr. Péter Molnár, DE OEC, Institute of Pathology

2.         ETT 350/1996 participant, 1997-1999, HUF 1,500,000

            Supervisor: Dr. György Csécsei, Department of Neurosurgery, Debrecen

3.         Mecenatura 2004-2006; participant, HUF 750,000

            Supervisor: Dr. Szabolcs Felszeghy, DE OEC, Institute of Anatomy

4.         ETT: “The role of systemic histopathological aberrancies in early diagnosis of brain

            aneurysms”.  Duration: 2003-2005.  Budget: HUF 3,000,000

            Supervisor: Dr. Álmos Klekner

5.         OTKA: “The examination of the role of EGFR and intergrins in tumor invasion in intracranial
Duration: 2005-2008. Budget: HUF 6,000,000

            Supervisor: Dr. Álmos Klekner


Number of scientific publications:         14        Number of presentations, posters:        36

Cumulative impact factor:                     19.71   Total citation index (without self-citation): 22


  • Hungarian Neurosurgery Society
  • Hungarian Neuropathology Society
  • Hungarian Neuro-oncology Society
  • European Neurosurgery Society

Scientific interest:: Neuro-oncological Laboratory

1. Up-to-date treatment of brain tumors  – see literature

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2. Development of surgical techniques of degenerative disc pathography – see literature

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3. Medicinal treatment of neurosurgical patients – see literature

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Bagyi K, Márton I, Szabó J, Andrási M, Gáspár A, Varga I, Bognár L, Klekner A: Efficacy of pre-operative cephalosporin prophylaxis in controlling pathogenic oral bacterial growth in comatose patients. J Med Microbiol. 2008 Jan 57:129-9 IF: 2.18

How to Get There:

Address: 4032 Debrecen, Móricz Zs.krt. 22. Hungary, Europe

I.          By plane: Ferihegy Airport, Budapest, Hungary, then

                                   1. Rent a car

                                   2. By train (info at the helpdesk on the airport)            

II.        By train to the railway station of Debrecen, then take a taxi

III.       By car. See LINK