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University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center (MHSC), Department of Neurosurgery, Hungary

The Department of Neurosurgery is one of the most prestigious centers of up-to-date pediatric  neurosurgery, adult brain tumor surgery and spinal surgery in the Great Forest (Nagyerdö) district of Debrecen (the second largest town in Hungary), equipped according to European standards, and where patients are treated in a sanitary environment.

How to Get There:

Address: 4032 Debrecen, Móricz Zs.krt. 22. Hungary, Europe

  1.  By plane: Ferihegy Airport, Budapest, Hungary, then
  2.  Rent a car
  3.  By train (info at the helpdesk on the airport)            
  4.  By train to the railway station of Debrecen, then take a taxi
  5.  By car. See LINK