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The main aim of this neurosurgical consultancy webpage is to provide a long-awaited solution to a widespread need.

It is prepared for: 

  • patients who are facing suddenly emerging health problems or dealing with a justified concern raised by a new CT or MRI result, and who would like to receive information on their disease as soon as possible rather than wait for a consultation with a specialist;
  • patients who have some questions while waiting for their appointment with a specialist;
  • patients, who still have questions after the limited time of consultation with and examination by a specialist; and finally,
  • patients who would like to have a more thorough, specific description of their condition and would like to understand the course it might take and the essence of the suggested therapies.

It is a widely known fact that the treatment of diseases can often be more successful if it is started as soon as possible and if patients cooperate with their doctors as much as they can. What is more, besides shortening the long waiting period for an appointment with a specialist, our online consultancy services can also save the patient a long-distance trip to the hospital. This makes it easier to start the therapy in due time and also to help the patients understand what they have to do, and why, in order to improve their condition. Often there is no time for such discussions within the time limits of the official consultancy hours, in which the specialist must deal with numerous cases. This webpage was created to offer professional answers to neurosurgical questions in a short amount of time and in a way that is clear and easy for anyone to understand.