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Professional Curriculum Vitae


The editor of this page is Dr. Álmos Klekner, neurosurgeon, assistant professor of the

University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center (MHSC), Department of Neurosurgical Clinical Unit, Debrecen, Hungary. 

Professional Curriculum Vitae:

1994    MSc in Medical Sciences at Medical University of Debrecen
2000    Neurosurgical Specialist Exam
2002    Defended PhD dissertation titled “Polyamin Metabolism in Brain Tumors”.
2004    Dr. Álmos Klekner is accredited as a professional lecturer at University
           of Debrecen
2005    Nomination to become assistant professor
2007    Oncologist Specialist Exam    
2010    Habilitation in neuro-oncology
2011    Nomination to become associate professor