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  1. Personal Consultancy Hours

Dr. Álmos Klekner, consultancy hours:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 4-5 pm. Appointment can be made: +36209736080

Location:          Neurosurgical Department, Outpatient Clinic

Address:          4032 Debrecen, Móricz. Zs. Krt. 22.. Hungary, Europe

The parking is free!

Important: when you are coming for a consultation you will have to show your parking ticket at the hotel’s reception desk and re-validate it when you are leaving.

In the private consulting hours neurosurgical opinion is provided, investigations are indicated if necessary and therapeutical advice is evaluated. In case of severe spinal pain-syndromes, urgent medical therapy can be applied; local injection or intravenous drug administration (e.g. infusion) is available.

2.Price List for Neurosurgical Procedures (some examples): 

Every neurosurgical disease mentioned on this webpage can be operated on in our clinic under European-class conditions. Each patient is warmly welcomed to find his/her healing at our University. Costs of therapy are detailed below:

Consultancy: 100 Euro

Urgent medical therapy for pain syndromes (injection, infusion): 100-300 Euro


  • infusions and physical therapy for spinal pain syndromes (5 days): 200-400 Euro
  • disc hernia removal: 1500.- 2500 Euro
  • spinal tumor removal: 2000.- 3000 Euro
  • brain tumor removal: 2800.- 8000 Euro
  • trigeminal ganglia infiltration: 1200.- 1500 Euro
  • peripheral nerve decompression: 600-1200 Euro 

Cost covers pre-operative examinations, the operation itself and the necessary postoperative therapy and host services until the patient can be discharged

We are prepared to answer any questions by email; however, based on the high volume of emails, it might take 1-2 days to receive a response. Please accept our thanks in advance for your understanding. It is not our main task to evaluate opinions issued by other specialists; however, if one is at issue, please kindly attach it to the question. In all cases, we give our own opinion and the suggested courses of action which can be chosen from, and we also help to understand previous decisions as well, if necessary.

Medical consultancy obtained through the Internet without extensive information on full documents and pictures of the radiological investigations and without examining the patient personally can be used only for the specific purpose of receiving information. Therefore, the specialist giving advice assumes no legal or medical responsibility for any type of damage which might possibly occur in the health condition of the patient using the consultancy services.

The correspondence with patients having neurosurgical problems shows evidently growing popularity. In spite of the reduced responsibility of the medical advices given in email the increasing number of letters proves the satisfaction of people. We are working hard to keep contact with patients in short termine, but correct answer of the questions – especially in case of emails with great attached picture files – requests longer time of the specialist. For these reason in some cases of letters with more details and questions or image files, the medical opinion will be given for a reduced price. Patients will be informed in each case about the payment, and continuation of correspondence can be stopped at any time. Simple neurosurgical advice and contact infos like asking an appointment is free of charge of course.

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